Firstpoint welcomes Joel Ash as International Client Account Manager (and all-round smooth talker)

Joel Ash joins our team of dedicated Client Account Managers with an international focus to ensure the smooth running of shipments around the globe.

Joel is the newest recruit to the Firstpoint team. Not that you’d know it – he’s practically part of the furniture now! He’s been working in logistics for 18 months and has embraced all aspects of the trade, arranging domestic as well as international jobs and keeping our valued customers smiling.

With a degree in Sociology and Criminology, logistics was perhaps not the <em>most </em>obvious of career moves but he is a fantastic addition to the Firstpoint family, winning over the hearts (and paws) of the office with his laid-back charm and his Patterdale Terrier x Jack Russell puppy, Fred.

When he’s not on the phone taking care of our network of international transportation partners on behalf of clients, he can be found playing football or trying to avoid the smell of peanut butter in the staff kitchen because, as he will assure you, it is totally gross.