Time-critical blood delivery for the NHS

Firstpoint carries out time-critical and urgent transportation of blood samples for the NHS, with its same-day dedicated delivery service. A fast, secure, and reliable service is vital in ensuring the safe delivery of these often life-saving samples, which is why Firstpoint has become a trusted partner for many healthcare professionals across the South West.

The Challenge
The transport of blood samples and other biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines, proteins, and antibodies for the healthcare industry can often be complex and challenging and requires specialist and dedicated resources from an experienced and reliable courier such as Firstpoint. 
Samples need to be delivered as fast as possible in order to maintain fast turnaround times and ensure sample integrity – delays could alter results and even have a negative impact on patient safety. 

The Client
For over 3 years Firstpoint has been working with the NHS Blood & Transplant Centre to collect blood samples and carry out time-critical delivery to its local analytics and tissue culture laboratory research centre.  

The Solution
Collections are scheduled for 7am 3-4 days per week depending on client demand, using a dedicated and temperature-controlled vehicle to ensure the samples arrive safely and are not compromised in any way. 

Firstpoint not only vet all their drivers but also ensure they use the same driver on a daily basis giving extra security and peace of mind for their client as well as NHS staff.

Tailored Services
Firstpoint is able to provide a fully tailored service to suit the challenging demands often required in the healthcare industry. Already working with the NHS, and a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers across the UK, Firstpoint has many years of experience handling and transporting everything from vaccines, proteins, and blood samples through to live leeches, which are often used by hospitals in reconstructive surgery to help prevent blood clots.

With drivers ready at a moment’s notice we can provide urgent last-minute deliveries, a frequent same-day service, or, weekly scheduled deliveries. 

Contact Us
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