Preparing Your Parcel for Delivery


Receiving a parcel can be exciting but not when its contents are in a bad condition. To guarantee that your item will reach its destination unscathed, proper packing is a necessary first step.

While it is the duty of the courier service to deliver safe and timely consignments, it\u2019s your job to ensure that your goods are packaged well enough to withstand the handling while they are in transit.

Here is a brief guide on how you should prepare your parcel for delivery.

Internal cushioning

This provides optimum protection during the distribution process. It has the ability to keep the product safe from shock and vibration. Internal cushioning is important, especially for fragile items, appliances and electronic equipment. There are several internal packaging materials to consider before shipping a package. You may choose among bubble wrap, foam pieces or moulded pulp. Aside from putting a cushion layer in the box, make sure to place extra padding between each object to separate them accordingly.

Durable packaging

Before you send items through a courier service, you will need to ensure the items are safely packaged for transport. Use a specially designed sturdy box to keep your package safe and secure during transit. Choose the right size and shape of cardboard box suitable for the item you are shipping. For double-layered shipments, use heavy-duty boxes to ensure that they can carry the maximum weight. Don’t try to re-use an old and worn box even if you can patch up any of its rips and tears as this can compromise parcel protection.

Correct seal

If you are using a cardboard box for your shipment, make sure it is properly sealed as you don’t want it to collapse while being transported to its destination. Use parcel tape to seal the two flaps at the bottom of the packaging, the surrounding edges and finally, the top flaps, sealing everything together.

Delivery label

Do not forget to put a delivery label on your parcel as this is how the courier will verify that they have the right package. Print a clear and legible label with the recipient\u2019s name and address. Prepare your parcel by attaching the label on a flat surface for easy scanning of barcode. Remove any old labels to avoid confusion.

Warning label

Attach a ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care; label if necessary. This is to remind your courier that your package includes items that can be prone to damage when not handled with extra caution. Likewise, using a care label or tape will also warn the recipient to be careful when unboxing the package, especially if it needs to be opened in a certain way.

Courier service

Whether you are sending a business consignment or personal items, it is important to seek the right courier service. When choosing, look for a company that offers a dependable, safe and affordable service. The safe and prompt delivery of goods are some important concerns that a good courier service like FirstPoint Logistics address. Once these criteria are met, check if they charge reasonable fees for their deliveries. If they do, you may proceed to book their services.

FirstPoint Logistics offers a secure, reliable, fast and cost-efficient courier service for critical and essential data deliveries across the UK. Our team ensures to bring high standards of service that will exceed our client’s requirements. If you want to discuss your courier needs, feel free to call us today on 0345 030 3777 or complete our online form.