How the Firstpoint white glove service got some very important medical machinery exactly where it needed to be

Company: Major global logistics provider
Sector: Healthcare
Product: Ultrasound equipment
Service: Dedicated domesticated white glove

A challenging last mile

When one of our key clients needed to deliver a delicate (and not to mention, very expensive) piece of medical equipment to a local hospital, they knew who to call. Because the ultrasound machine needed to be delivered to a specific ward and have all the packaging removed, they’d been struggling to find a solution for that crucial, final mile – but we were more than happy to help.

A very delicate delivery

Using our committed partner network, we employed some of our trusted drivers to deliver this important equipment directly to the hospital ward, on time and in pristine condition, and arranged for all the packaging to be removed. We did this all whilst keeping our client relaxed and in the loop with up-to-the-second notifications as the delivery progressed.

Our white glove promise 

With our cost-effective and professional service, we not only met the highest standards of white glove delivery but also kept within the strict budgets our client needed. Efficient and attentive delivery, as always: that’s just how we deliver.