Firstpoint works with charity to distribute 4,000+ sleep pods to rough sleepers across the UK

The Sleep Pod Project is an amazing initiative founded by three friends, all with one thing in common, big hearts and passionate about helping the thousands of people who sleep rough on our streets every night, providing them with much-needed shelter and protection from the elements with their innovative invention, the Sleep Pod. 

Sleep Pod distribution 

Firstpoint has been working with this inspiring organisation since 2018, helping to distribute thousands of pods across the UK. The materials are made up into build packs in Kent then distributed to organisations where volunteers build the Sleep Pods ready for distribution onto the streets.

Duncan Wilmot, Firstpoint Director talks about their involvement with the project:

We are delighted to be supporting such a fantastic charity in the interest of such an important cause. These pods are providing a lifeline for many people spending night after night in severe and often life-threatening weather conditions. Whilst in an ideal world sleep pods would not even be required, in reality, the problem is only getting worse which is why we will continue to support the Sleep Pod Project in the hope we can make at least some difference to these people’s lives.

Build at Home Sessions

Due to Covid and social distancing measures, the usual Sleep Pod Build workshops have sadly not been able to take place. So, to continue their vital work, particularly in these cold winter months, the Sleep Pod team launched ‘Build at Home’ sessions where volunteers have been collecting the packs and building them at home before returning them to the distribution centres.

A Growing Need for Sleep Pods Across the UK

Since co-founders Ian, Justin and Pete set up the project in 2018, collectively volunteers have built over 4,500 pods. With the number of people sleeping rough growing every day, particularly since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, the charity has grown at a fast pace and thus the need to distribute the pods further afield. In the last few months alone Firstpoint has worked with the Charity to distribute thousands of pods into London, Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast and Blackburn.

What are they made of?

The pod itself is a very simple design made from an insulative building material lined with aluminium, basically to you and I, a tough bubble wrap! The pod pops up into a toblerone shaped Sleep Pod and can easily be rolled up into a small lightweight bag ready to be reused night after night. 

How to get involved

There are many ways that you can get involved, including volunteering to build a pod at home, hosting a fundraising event, becoming a Sleep Pod partner or simply making a donation. A donation of £30 would pay for 1 sleep pod, helping to keep a rough sleeper warm and dry for several months.

Find out more about how you can make a difference here: