Congratulations to Amanda Lewis, newly qualified ADR Specialist

When it comes to transporting dangerous goods such as explosive, toxic or flammable materials, we know it’s even more important to give our customers peace of mind that their delivery will go smoothly.

That’s why we are so proud of Amanda Lewis, one of our Senior Client Account Managers, for recently completing her ADR Specialist qualification.

After three days of intense study in Birmingham she sat a lengthy exam to test all of the knowledge she had gained – which she passed with flying colours. With this qualification Amanda can now advise our wide-ranging customer base on the rules of European road transport regulations that ensure the carriage of dangerous goods are marshalled correctly throughout the journey of the consignment.

It’s an absolutely vital skill for a logistics company like ours and one that we know she has put into practice right away! Amanda has always been keen to learn new skills, with a forward-thinking attitude that drives her to continually better her career and deliver excellence to her clients and fellow colleagues.

We are immensely proud of Amanda’s achievements over the years. This new qualification is yet another feather in her cap as she adds to her already impressive skill set, truly cementing her deserved seniority in the company.

If you have dangerous goods that need delivering – give Amanda a call today!