Using Same Day Courier Service For Bank Holidays


For most businesses that involve delivering products to clients, it is of paramount importance to work with a reliable company that offers a same day courier service. They can let you rest assured that your goods will be delivered safely and on time, especially with May bank holidays coming up. Apart from this impressive feat, here are the other benefits of using same day courier delivery like FirstPoint Logistics.

1. Simplified inventory management

You need a lot of time, expertise and warehouse space if you decide to pile up stocks of your products and apply suitable inventory management for them. However, if you do not have the right resources to make it happen, you can use same day delivery services instead. In this system, production, sales, and delivery go hand in hand so you do not have to make arrangements for holding stocks. You can use the time, effort and space wasted in piling up stocks in other practical business activities.

2. Reduced shipping costs

When you are shipping in large volumes, you can cut down on shipping expenses as you do not need to pay for individual deliveries. By contracting a same day courier service, your business may secure a deal for a lot of orders, saving you money in the long run.

3. Competitive advantage

Customers who are purchasing a product often choose a business that offers the lowest price and has a better delivery option. As such, if you can set your business up with a same day courier service, you can gain an advantage and win over your competitors. Plus, you can one up businesses who will be closed over the Easter banking holidays as you can cater to the clients they will be missing out on.

4. Prevention of lost or damaged packages

A reliable courier service will treat your items like it’s their own, so you do not have to worry about having a lost or broken package. Many courier services also offer tracking software that allows customers to see their package from the warehouse to its destination. If you are sending out something important, choosing a same day courier service can eliminate the stress of the unknown.

5. Greater delivery speed

Another benefit enjoyed by small businesses when using same day courier service is its delivery speed. As compared to traditional mail where goods have to sit for days in a warehouse, the courier service immediately dispatches your items safely and securely to your recipient. This way, you can provide exceptional service to your customers every day.

6. Increased business productivity

By outsourcing some business processes like shipping and logistics, you can free up your team’s time. This will allow them to focus on delivering higher-level strategies, which includes customer relationship building and finding new leads to further increase your company’s revenue. Utilising same day courier services boost the amount of productivity you are able to get out of your employees.

7. No need for a fleet

Some business owners own a fleet of vehicles for in-town deliveries. However, maintaining your own fleet can add a significant cost to your operation as you need to buy motorcycles or vans and hire people who will man those vehicles. In addition, you also have to think about the insurance, cost of gas and the maintenance for your fleet. By using a same day courier service, you can eliminate these costs.

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