Breaking Boundaries: Supplying Cheese with a Smart Border

Smart border cheese supply

In the wake of Brexit, navigating the complexities of international trade has become increasingly challenging for UK businesses seeking to expand into Europe. For our client, a leading producer of cheese, these hurdles threatened to impede their growth ambitions. However, with Firstpoint Logistics’ innovative smart border process, these challenges were transformed into opportunities for seamless expansion of supplying cheese.

Our client, a prominent cheese manufacturer, faced significant barriers when attempting to expand distribution into Europe post-Brexit. The complexities of customs clearance, VAT obligations, and logistical challenges posed formidable obstacles to their expansion efforts. The need for a solution that could streamline border processes and minimize costs while ensuring timely delivery was paramount.

Firstpoint Logistics stepped in with a groundbreaking smart border solution designed to revolutionise cross-border trade for our client. Leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we implemented a process that offered unparalleled benefits:
• Quick and Easy Route into Europe: Our smart border process provides a swift and hassle-free route into Europe, minimising delays and ensuring efficient entry into mainland Europe.
• Customs Clearance at the French Border: By clearing customs at the French border, we eliminate the need for our client to navigate complex customs procedures at multiple points of entry, simplifying the logistics process.
• No Costs to EU Customers: Our solution eliminates costs for EU customers, enhancing the competitiveness of our client’s products in the European market.
• No VAT Outlaid upon Clearance or Delivery: VAT obligations are seamlessly managed, with no upfront outlay required upon clearance or delivery, providing our client with greater financial flexibility and predictability.

Service Provision:
Firstpoint Logistics provides full refrigerated artic lorries equipped to collect and deliver cheese directly into mainland Europe essential using DDP incoterm. Our network of vehicles, ensures that temperature-sensitive goods are transported with the utmost care and precision, maintaining the quality and freshness of our client’s products throughout the journey.

The implementation of Firstpoint Logistics’ smart border solution has unlocked a host of benefits for our client:
• Expanded Market Reach: With streamlined border processes and reduced costs, our client can confidently expand their distribution network into Europe, tapping into new markets and driving growth.
• Competitive Advantage: By offering hassle-free, cost-effective delivery solutions to EU customers, our client gains a competitive edge in the European market, positioning them as a preferred supplier.
• Enhanced Financial Flexibility: With no VAT outlaid upon clearance or delivery, our client enjoys improved cash flow and financial predictability, enabling them to allocate resources more strategically and fuel further expansion initiatives.

Through our innovative smart border solution, Firstpoint Logistics has empowered our client to overcome the challenges of Brexit and embark on a journey of expansion and growth in the European market. By providing seamless, cost-effective distribution solutions, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to delivering value and driving success for our partners.

Are you facing similar challenges with cross-border trade? Contact Firstpoint Logistics today to learn how our smart border solutions that can help you break through barriers and unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion.