Driving Bristol out of Lockdown

Firstpoint is one of 20 local businesses in Bristol that have clubbed together to purchase the Community of Purpose charity people carrier which will be used to support those who most need it in these challenging times.

Sponsoring the CoP bus is the latest in a series of charitable initiatives that Firstpoint has been involved with, in support of Bristol-based charity Community of Purpose in recent months. 

Supporting the Bristol Young Heroes Awards

Back in December, the team clocked up an incredible 220 miles driving around the city delivering 61 goody bags and hot delicious meals to each of the nominees and sponsors for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards, an inspiring event that recognises the valuable contribution that bristol young people aged 11-19 make to the city. 

Continuing our partnership with the Community of Purpose

So, when Firstpoint was approached by Amy Kington, Founder, and CEO of CoP about their most recent project, the Community of Purpose bus, there was no doubt that we wanted to be involved! With a suitable vehicle costing in the region of £20,000, the charity knew it was going to be a big ask for just one company, so instead they asked 20 local companies to put a £1,000 donation towards the van. In addition to Firstpoint, among the 20 sponsors are Unitary Engineering Services, Action Coach Bristol, Sider Group, Lancer Scott, First Class Comms, and many more.

What will the bus be used for?

The bus itself will be used to transport food, equipment and children in support of 2 key projects, The Break Free Programme, and the Bristol Together Championships Programme.

In conjunction with Youth Moves, The Break Free Holiday programme delivers a fun range of sports activities for children in the most deprived areas of Bristol. To help tackle the very real issue of holiday hunger, the charity provides the youngsters with breakfast and lunch, ensuring they have at least two meals in the day.

During term times, the charity runs the Bristol Together Championships, twinning local Primary schools. By bringing children from different backgrounds together, the idea is to help them forge friendships with groups they would be unlikely to usually mix with, helping to break down different race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that we see in Bristol, through the medium of football. The programme works with them to form a joint football team from the twinned schools, and compete at an annual tournament. 

How can you get involved?

Continued struggles in our community are very real but with the efforts of fantastic charities such as the Community of Purpose, together with the support of local businesses, we can at least make some positive difference to their lives.

Find out more about the Community of Purpose and how you can get involved here: http://bit.ly/309nRTy