Q: Will my company be affected by Brexit?

A: If you either import or export from or to the UK and EU, then yes the way you move your shipments and trade is going to change. From the 1 January 2021 and the end of the ‘transition period’ the UK will have its own customs territory, every import or export will need additional documentation to ensure customs clearance, similar to the procedures already in place if you trade with countries such as China or USA.

If you import and export internationally, this may also be affected, as leaving the EU’s Customs Union will mean changes to some of the UK’s current trade deals. You can read more about the UK’s new trade deals here.

Q: How can Firstpoint Logistics help me?

A: We have been preparing for the changes from Brexit for some time. Our amazing team have been hard at work, researching, understanding all of the changes and attending training courses to become Brexit-trained. We have adapted our operational systems and integrated new software to ensure we are able to administrate all of the new documentation.

Be sure to read our checklists for Importing & Exporting moving forward.

Q: Will Brexit lead to increased costs?

A: Despite a Brexit deal being agreed, it will be necessary to create customs documentation and to clear every shipment whether on entry and/or exit, which will lead to additional costs.

However, such costs are tiny compared to the consequences of delay or worse case the fine that might arise if your goods move without the correct paperwork which is why it is so essential you check you’re ready to ship.

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Q: Will Brexit lead to delays?

A: Unfortunately, it is likely there will be delays at the ports, with long queues, especially at the start of Brexit, as customers, hauliers, freight forwarders and customs themselves adapt to the changes.

However, we will be doing everything to ensure all shipments are not delayed at customs and we will be keeping a close eye on the situation at the ports so that we can advise you of any potential delays in advance.

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Q: If I am planning to move goods by Road, is there anything else I should be prepared for?

A: For Ex-works goods (receiver pays) heading into the EU from the UK, will now require a supporting T1 document before leaving the UK. The T1 shipping note is a customs document used in cross-border movement of goods for transporting customs goods from one customs office to another.

Basically, the T1 note is used to carry non-EU goods within the EU territory. The T1 transit procedure is opened by customs at the point of departure and guarantees the sender will pay HMRC duties or taxes owed by the receiver if not cleared correctly in the destination country.

Failure to produce a supporting T1 document will prevent goods leaving the UK – please call us today if need help with preparing this document.

The UK is planning to introduce a Goods Vehicle Manifest Service (G VMS) to capture details of vehicles and the declarations for the goods they are carrying, as an option for Northern Ireland ports who do not have an inventory system.

On departure Customs would be notified that the vehicle was on its way to allow them to process the customs declaration in advance of arrival to facilitate the quick release from the port for those goods not subject to inspection.

This is similar to the plan French Customs have made for goods crossing the Channel or using the Channel Tunnel and it is highly likely UK Customs will want to apply the same process for road movements from the EU at least by the end of the phased implementation.

As well as customs or transit declarations though, there still could be the need to submit Safety & Security declarations. It is the Carrier who is held responsible for lodging these declarations and for accompanied vehicles the Carrier is deemed to be the haulier.

Q: It seems like there is new information all the time. How can I stay up to date?

A: We will be keeping a close eye on all news updates and we are provided bulletins from our accredited partners. As and when anything changes we will be sure to communicate this to our customers.

Be sure to check for any new blogs and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for daily updates.

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Q: Who can I contact to raise any concerns or to answer my queries?

A: All of our account managers are Brexit-trained, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone with any questions.

Email: operations@firstpointlogistics.co.uk
Phone: 0345 0303777

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